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VAIN ROUND SALON & BARBER MIRROR SILVER Is this a hand-held mirror? Yes, it can be hand-held or hung on the wall. This round mirror is used by professional hairstylists to show clients their haircut or hair colour services once done. The salon mirror is trimmed with black plastic to make it lightweight. Professionals in the beauty industry and hairstylists recommend it. We recommend it for personal use as well! Is it easy to clean the mirror? Yes, wipe clean with a damp cloth. The round, hand-held mirror is light and sturdy for commercial use. It is suitable for the salon environment where everything tends to get messy. Just give it a wipe with a damp cloth! How is the mirror quality? The hand-held professional mirror is of high-quality. Clients are happy to see the finish of their hairstyle or hair colour. The clarity is excellent. Professional hairdressers opt for this mirror as it is easy to handle and the mirror quality is also good. How do we protect the hand-held mirror? Storing it is hassle-free. As the mirror is surrounded by black, heavy-duty plastic, the mirror needs very little care. You can hang it on the wall or leave it on the tray and access it whenever you want.
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